Up United Achievers

We the people and resident of the United States hereby decide to form a union to promote Achievements through Unity amongst ourselves and others in the communities we are living in as well as to relate to similar associations for the purpose of unity and achievements.

United We Stand

Lovely Team

We Created this club to unite our minds together as one sect collectively to join people of the same ideas together and also help all members to reach the Great Heights

Chris Odua Oghoanina


Hon. Christopher


Jeff C. Ehis


Our Vision

 To achieve good successes with the power of Unity

Our Mission

To raise funds together, resources and ideal not limited to cash for help to enable members achieve common goals in Unity.


  • To promote life achievements through Unity, support all members first and non-members alike when they are challenge both in the United States and beyond in the capacity of the Club.

  • To join funds, ideas, resource and not limited to cash together that will help members achieve greater successes in life pursuits.

  • To create forum for discussions and to encourage matters of common interest and importance, affecting the development, growth, welfare of the members and public.

  • To assist any charitable organization when and where necessary within its financial capacity

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United We Stand

In this community, we share the needs and burdens of each members together and sort out best possible solution to resolve it

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Feel free to reach out to us at any time for all your inquiries, request and complaints. We are always Happy to hear from your and also to resolve any issues you might be having. Thanks

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